Claims Adjuster Services

Our mission is to be the leader in addressing the claims adjustment needs of the insurance and trucking industries. Through the utilization of state of the art technology, supported by our over 250 years of combined experience, we will meet your needs and will strive to be the stabilizing force in the ever-changing claims environment.

Our Claims Adjuster Services include:

We can guarantee on receipt of any assignment, we will make effort to contact you within the first 4 hours and will continue efforts thereafter until the party is reached.

Reserve recommendations will be called or emailed within 5 days. If the loss is over $15,000.00, a call will be made from the site immediately after inspection.

We provide detailed, captioned reports as an industry standard; however, we will report by caption at client’s request.

We provide detailed, mounted and labeled digital imaging and video, when necessary.

We have drones in place to capture large commercial properties.  Rather than immediately securing a bucket truck for inspection, we do a drone inspection first to determine if a bucket truck is even necessary – as there are times we find that the alleged damages are maintenance issues, and the drone inspection imaging can closely identify these prior to the expense of a bucket truck rental at a much reduced cost.

At Ouellette & Associates we are striving to constantly Q&A all reports before they are sent to our clients, as well as  weekly audits by J. Mathew Ouellette, President and Owner of Ouellette & Associates, Inc. of the open assignments.

We would certainly appreciate the opportunity to be considered for approval for your claim handling in Indiana and the bordering counties of Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois and Michigan.