Risk Management Inspections

Having handled claims involving property and casualty for 30 years, we have noticed that many properties are only inspected at the time the policy is written and never to be seen again even up to a 5 year policy period.

During this time, there is great potential for renovations, additions to the properties and new structures built on the covered location.

In order for the underwriting department of insurance carriers to be properly updated, we have implemented a quarterly risk inspection in which we inspect an insured property every quarter. We complete a detailed form report, commenting on any risk potential, and digital images reflective of the condition of the property, any renovations, additions or new structures.

This is a service that can be provided at a cost of $250.00 per inspection within a 50 mile radius. After 50 miles, a charge of $75.00 per hour and $0.56 per mile would apply for the additional time and expense.