Updating Policy & Law Changes Through FC&S

Indiana Claims Adjusters Bill Passes

Per a the below this bill will not allow general contractors to have contracts signed by property owners giving the contractor to act on their behalf, and communication directly with the GC, which has been going on for years where contractors are acting like Pas.

When Ouellette & Associates receives a contract from a contractor advising they are representing a property owner, we always remain in contact with the insured; and now we are able to pass this bill information onto the contractor.

d) A home improvement supplier shall not:

(1) represent or negotiate on behalf of an insured consumer;

(2) offer to represent or negotiate on behalf of an insured consumer; or

(3) advertise that the home improvement supplier will represent or negotiation behalf of an insured consumer; in connection with an insurance claim concerning any home improvement involving residential property.

This is now part of Indiana Code 24-5-11 specifically IC 24-5-11-10.5

Matt Ouellette, Executive Secretary Treasurer, NAIIA

At the 2013 76th Annual NAIIA Convention, Matt Ouellette was elected to Executive Secretary/Treasurer of the largest Independent Adjuster Association in the country.

These duties will allow Matt to have more communication with Insurance carriers and self-insured needs, building partnerships between NAIIA member firms and clients.

Currently, Matt is not only acting as the Secretary/Treasurer but also in charge of the dispatch center for the NAIIA, which will be located in Florida for our current clients and new clients.  Clients will call in new assignments at any time or email new assignments, which would be then dispatched to the nearest independent adjusting firm member of the association, making sure the firm is qualified to handle that particular claim being sent.

In 2015, Matt will be sworn in as President of the NAIIA and the focus will be on quality customer service.

May 24, 2012 – Client Letter

To All Our Valued Clients-

RE: Ouellette & Associates, Inc. Claims Service Serving the Entire State of Indiana, Southern Michigan, Western Ohio and Eastern Illinois, and Northern Kentucky

I want to thank all of you, our valued customers, for your continued support of Ouellette & Associates, Inc. assigning claims to our four office locations, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, South Bend and Vincennes.

With our staff of claims adjusters with over 250 years of combined experience and our four office locations, we have the capability of handling property (both personal lines as well as commercial lines), general liability, on-scene truck investigations as well as worker’s compensation claims.


J. Mathew Ouellette
President/General Adjuster

In Closing

If you should have any questions with regard to the services that we provide, rates or otherwise, please do not hesitate to contact me directly by telephone at 317-915-9136 or send me an email.

Thanks for your time in reading our updated NEWS.


J. Mathew Ouellette

President/General Adjuster